Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Recommended Read: Imagine a world where everyone is dressed differently and unique

I've got interesting mail from Paul Rothbein, founder of Perspective magazine, about how in the future people will dress. Fashion is more and more influenced by Vine, YouTube celebrities, street style people... so the competition on fashion will be unlike before. Nano diamonds and crowdfunded clothing products might sounded like SF, but not any more!

So, journalist from Perspective magazine ask themselves - Will future of fashion be easier and more approachable if anyone could just print out clothes at home thanks to 3D printers? That's interesting thought right? Also, there's 2016 Silicon Valley Fashion Show and soon we'll see a potential boom in wearable tech.

Here's what they say about that topic:

Q: How will wearable technology change fashion? 

There is a strong possibility that many brands who don’t like wearable technology will decide they need to embrace it. I feel that when wearable technology comes to computing, it will more likely involve jewellery and accessories. For example, smart glasses, smart watches, and potentially a smart ring. I do feel that biotech could have a role within clothing, such as creating lab grown fur, instead of using real fur from animals.

Q: What item might be most popular? 

I think that the Google glasses will be most popular, but also most disliked. Everyone would love to wear a product which has the possibility for X-ray vision, or which can see things at telescopic distances. Yet, everyone will dislike others wearing a technological device with the potential for spying capabilities.

Q: What about websites like Etsy, or similar retail stores? How small producers can be more approachable then big brands? 

Etsy, as an online retailer, does bring products from all cultures around the World to the limelight. It will generate more creativity in fashion, as opposed to consumers just relying on big name brands. A lot of consumer groups feel a need to be unique, and it is much easier to feel like this when wearing something created by a small designer who is selling solely through a website, compared to buying in-store from a large retailer.

It is important for consumers to learn about where products come from. In a fast-changing World we need to generate a more conscious consumer base, which is why I have created Perspective Media.

  (thanks to Alice Mitchell blog)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY Holiday inspired mini skirt

So, I wanted to play with this jeweled trend - little sparkle never hurt nobody right? :)
I have this plain mini skirt from Zara for years, so I want an update. Bought some plastic stones in different colors, and just sew it and make my own shapes. It turned out really well so I can't wait to show it off.

Here's the steps: 

1. Find black skirt

2. Place the stones where you want

3. Test it and try how do you like it before you sew it

4. Final product - ready to wear
I'll try it with chunky white sweater and cool boots :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Wang Wang

Alexander Wang is one of my favorite new designers. I just love his pieces that are modern, sporty but elegant and you can wear it with heels but with sneakers too. So, I just had to have some great pieces from his H&M collaboration. This dress is one of it. There's more coming soon...